Soft wrist brace

The soft wrist brace is prepared to individual specifications and consists of two layers of stretch material. The first layer is absorbent, the second layer is perforated and provides ventilation. An opening is placed at the back at the level of the last paw pad. This opening allows more freedom of movement. The soft brace supports the joint and muscles by moving along with the surrounding anatomical structures while they function. The soft brace can be fitted with two lateral ribs that provide additional support if necessary. A plastic shell can be added under the paw if necessary.

Soft wrist brace | Pet Orthopedics | Animal Orthopedics

The softbrace can be used for:

  • Support in sporting dogs
  • Moderate instability of the wrist joint
  • Post-operatively during the rehabilitation period
  • Lick granulomas
  • Covering of wounds
  • ...

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