Double Back Harness

The double back harness is a very sturdy harness that can fully support the dog when lifting it up. The harness can be used to lift only the forequarter and torso. The harness also has adjustable straps that attach around the groin area. This creates two handles that allow the dog to be lifted completely off the ground or simply helped to an upright position. The loops in the groin area are covered with a good layer of fleece protection. This prevents irritation. The front part is a sturdy and thick harness that offers outstanding comfort. As the harness is fitted with special safety buckles, instead of click buckles, it is even suitable for mountaineering, lifting work, etc. This is because the buckles cannot disconnect spontaneously.

This double back harness can be used:

  • as a support for older animals
  • as a support for jumping in and out of the car
  • as a device to help paralysed animals stand upright
  • as sports support for canicross, hiking in difficult terrain, climbing work, etc.
  • ...

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